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July 1, 2018


Good morning Vipers.  I hope all is well and I wish you all a happy Sunday.  in a month and few days, first weekend in August, is our Cats Kingdom convention in New York.

Who all are onboard for that weekend?  By God's glessings, I hope to be there.  Are any other Vipers planning to make that weekend?  Can we meet and discuss some issues and details (class meeting, class donations to CSAA, possible re-union in Canada 2019 and other matters)?

Open discussion.  Please submit your thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks.  texting @ work.  T2UL

August 5, 2018

Good morning to you all in Vipers Nation.  Hope all is well.  The convention was well attended.  Vipers were in the house - Mena, Joanna, Johnetta, Isaac and Fannoh.  Thanks to you all for coming and hanging out as a class.  Please also be informed that your class was wonderful in the "Basketball Skills Contest."  The first of its kind.

Convention next year is in Florida - the home of Mai Stevens-Bradley and Steve Kenneh.  I suggest that we all here make it unique by attending the 2019 CSAA Convention in Florida.  We are missing you all at conventions while other classes are representing and reliving very special moments.  Please think about Florida next year and let's seriously start to talk and plan.  Lastly, we will be able to spend some quality time with 2 of our wonderful classmates - Steve and Mai.


Tuesday, 24 April 2018 at 0600 p.m. EST

Class of 82  Conference Call/Meeting
Call Record:  712 770 4151 | Access Code: 380936


Attendees: 11

Brenda Jones, Mena Okyne, Mercy Vincent, Vic Morris Weah,  Walea Kofa-Payne, Johnetta Davis Hudson, Finda Sharpe, Francis Byron Gbesagee, Steve Kenneh, Anthony Fannoh Jr, and Prince CT Darpoh.

Chaired by Anthony Fannoh.  Opening prayer by Mercy Vincent.  We discussed and agreed that all Vipers will pay a minimum of  $25.00 towards Joanna Goodridge Mother’s funeral.  All funds should be sent to Johnetta Davis Hudson in Methuen, Massachusetts by Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart (cheapest means), MoneyGram or Western Union.  She will represent the Vipers at the Funeral Service.  Please copy Fannoh by text (508)320-2719 with your receipt copy.

Members were reminded that the class account is now open for all financial transactions including dues payment  ($20.00 monthly).  Thanks to Walea Kofaa-Payne.  Communicate with Walea as to how best to transmit your monthly dues.

All roads lead to CSAA Convention in New York, in August 2018.
Vipers Reunion is set for Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2019.  Particulars will follow.

Fannoh will find out details on how CSAA intends to support Mr. Cromwell Brown on his loss.

Vipers are encourages to visit and sign up for membership.  Also email recent portrait pictures of yourselves for posing on the front page of the website.


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